How to keep your Fiverr account online when you're away

Most buyers only want to message sellers who are online. Learn how to keep your fiverr account online while you're away

April 09, 2024

The Online filter

Fiverr is a very competitive platform for Sellers and the Fiverr Gig ranking algorithm isn't as simple as it looks. Getting traction to your Gig can be very difficult but what if we told you the problem is because your account isn't staying online enough.

Most Buyers on Fiverr use a simple toggle that filters all the offline sellers out leaving only those online. So why aren't you online?

Keeping your account online with Smart Fiverr

  1. Download and Install the Smart Fiverr Extension
  2. Create a Smart Fiverr account if you already don't have one.
  3. Turn on the Always online feature
  1. Select how you want your account to stay online

Hurray 🎉!

And that's all it takes to keep your Fiverr account online with Smart Fiverr to increase the traction to your Gig.